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Buy durable badminton shuttlecocks and birdies at Gopher Sport to supply PE classes and recreational programs!

Since 1947, Gopher Sport has been supplying schools, colleges, clubs, rec programs and gymnasiums with high quality, durable badminton birdies and shuttlecocks. Our Gopher and Carlton shuttlecocks below are available in tubes of 6 with a variety of different heads (cork or synthetic), skirts, speed levels, and colors.

Shuttlecock Tip Materials

  • Natural Cork: Best for controlled flights and racquet rebound. Ideal for tournament play.
  • Synthetic: High durability with increased control. Ideal for beginners, training, and recreational play.


Speed refers to how fast and how far a shuttlecock travels through the air, factoring in the varying effects of temperature, altitude, and humidity.

  • Slow: For slower-paced play and limited spaces, or for hotter temperatures and higher elevations.
  • Medium: For all levels and styles of play, or for moderate temperatures and areas near sea level.
  • Fast: For higher-speed play, or for colder temperatures and areas below sea level