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Buy durable badminton shuttlecocks and birdies at Gopher Sport to supply PE classes and recreational programs!

Since 1947, Gopher Sport has been supplying schools, colleges, clubs, rec programs and gymnasiums with high quality, durable badminton shuttlecocks and birdies. Our Gopher and Carlton shuttlecocks below are available in tubes of 6 with a variety of different heads (cork or synthetic), skirts, speed levels and colors.

How to choose the right shuttlecock or birdie

Shuttlecocks were originally cork balls with bird feathers glued on to slow the cork down and make it easier to see. They have evolved since then! The skirt and nose of the shuttlecock are now made of different materials and colors that change it's visibility, speed and durability.

Shuttlecock Tip Materials

  • Cork: Original material, very lively and responsive.
  • Synthetic: While there are probably hundreds of different formulas for synthetic tips, we only sell high-quality PVC or EVA foam tip shuttles because of the excellent playability and durability of these two materials.


You'll find birds labeled slow, medium and fast, and the label means just what it says. Speed is controlled by the bounce of the nose and the weight and shape of the shuttle. If you're unsure which birdie speed to buy, choose medium.

Skirt Materials

  • Nylon: Most commonly used because of its light weight and durability. Less susceptible to cracking or breaking than plastic.
  • Feather: Still available from Carlton and preferred by purists. The cost and durability mean you should take really good care of them.
  • Plastic: The least expensive and used in backyard sets for home use. Because of the low performance, we don't sell these kind of shuttlecocks.