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Buy high-quality indoor climbing walls from Gopher Sport!

The traversing experience helps climbers build muscle and stimulates the brain as they determine which hold to grab next during PE classes. Kids' climbing walls are available in 2 heights for elementary students or middle school and up.

Looking for a one-stop climbing wall solution? Gopher offers compete packages with walls in 2 height options. Climbing holds, rules signs, a curriculum guide, and more make these wall packages the perfect fit for schools.

What do I need to know about traverse climbing?

Traverse climbing is a safer type of climbing challenge; no ropes or harnesses required!

  • Climbing addresses national physical education goals by building:Physical Skills Strength
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Cognitive SkillsPlanning
    • Decision making
    • Problem solving

What makes traverse climbing unique?

Climbers advance across an indoor rock climbing wall horizontally, never more than two or three feet from the floor. Hand/foot holds of different shapes and sizes create changeable routes and challenges for all ages and skill levels. The activity is continuous as climbers traverse from one end of the wall to the other.

Which climbing wall is right for me?

  • Surface Options
    • Painted: Traditional design features texture for enhanced traction and durability.
    • Chroma: Smooth material covers panels for added safety.
    • Magna: Traditional painted wall texture with magnetic surface for fun activities.
    • Dimensional Features: Add variety and challenge to any wall.
  • A typical traverse wall is 8’ to 10’ in height and usually 20’ to 40’ in width. Use the guidelines below when determining wall height and width.
Wall Dimensions Age Groups Number of Climbers at Once
8'H Elementary -
10'H Middle/High School -
20'W - 5-6
40'W - 10-12


Shop Gopher's rock climbing walls for kids and promote strength-building and creativity in your class.