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Buy standing desks from Gopher and encourage students to stand up for success!

Standing in academic settings is shown to increase cognitive performance and overall health, while sitting for more than 6 hours a day significantly increases risk for disease. From adjustable standing desks to teaming tables, Gopher has the options teachers and instructors need to break up sedentary lessons in the classroom.

Since not all students are the same age or height, our adjustable standing desks easily adjust to meet them at their level. Gopher’s options are perfect for students from Kindergarten through high school. Desks with built-in footrests make it more comfortable for students to stay standing because they can shift their weight back and forth. Breakout sessions benefit from teaming tables with ample storage for supplies and smooth-rolling casters.

If you don’t have space for dedicated standing desks, look no further than our tabletop standing desks. They transform regular desks into standing desks in seconds, allowing students to quickly switch between sitting and standing. These smaller options are also easy to share and to store!

Buy durable, professional standing desks from Gopher to elevate learning in your classroom at a great value!