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Shop for basketball rims from Gopher Sport for PE classes and high-action sporting events!

Gopher offers a variety of basketball rims for players of all levels during team use, practice, and PE classes.

Efficiently teach the fundamentals of basketball using rear mounted goals paired with stationary rims that stay put. If you need exceptional durability, coaches and players can rely on breakaway rims that offer a spring-loaded bend when a player hits it. Single rim options are easy on a school budget. While double rims are a great option for teams engaging in competitive indoor or outdoor play, providing extra strength for frequent use.

Which Basketball Goal is Right for Me?

Front or Rear Mount

  • Front Mount: For all front-mounted backboard types, indoors or out.
  • Rear Mount: For 54”W x 35”H rear-mount steel fan-shaped backboards only. Common in noncompetitive play, side courts, and outdoors.

Stationary or Breakaway

  • Stationary: Primarily for noncompetitive play and often called “fixed” rims. Attach directly to the backboard and don’t release when pressure is applied. A good choice for younger players.
  • Breakaway: For main-court/competitive play. Spring-loaded to bend at an angle (from front to back) when pressure is applied. Positive-lock goals have a mechanism to adjust the amount of force required for release; flex rims do not.

Single or Double Rim

  • Single Rim: Good quality, often cost effective. For any backboard. The only choice for indoor competitive play.
  • Double Rim: Stronger than single rim. For any backboard. Use when player-goal contact is likely and especially for outdoor play.

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