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Shop for archery bows for PE classes and competitions from Gopher Sport!

If you’re looking to add recurve or compound bows to your PE curriculum or after-school program, Gopher has you covered! Our bows span a range of beginner options to competition-ready models!

Introductory composite bows feature a lightweight design and accommodate for left or right-handed students. Brightly-colored compound bows come in inviting Rainbow colors and can be purchased as a set!

Mini compound kids' bows are a smart choice for younger students, using a zero let-off feature and no set draw weight. Seasoned archers will appreciate stunning craftsmanship using aluminum risers and composite limbs as well as durable fiberglass limbs on more advanced options.

Which bow is right for me?

  • Bow Types:
    • Recurve: Simple design with few components for institutional durability.
    • Compound: Easier to draw, aim, and shoot due to its energy-storing pulley system. Arrows travel greater distances.
  • Draw Weight
    • A comfortable draw weight required 75% or less of the user’s maximum strength. Generally, users 100-130 lb use a 25-35 lb draw weight, and users 130-160 use a 30-40 lb draw weight.
  • What is AMO Length?
    • AMO length is an industry standard of bow/string length, measured from tip to tip along the bow’s curved edge. Under tension, bowstrings run 3”-4” shorter than AMO length. Order by AMO length.

Buy the best bow for accuracy, age group, and desired style from Gopher!