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Easily transport balls to the field with your purchase of soccer bags and carts from Gopher Sport!

An assortment of mesh bags, duffels, and carts make it easy for teachers and coaches to haul and store their soccer balls.

Multipurpose mesh soccer bags let instructors or students carry balls and other necessary equipment to the field with ease. Cinch them closed and carry or throw them over your shoulder for effortless transportation. The mesh allows for quick identification of contents, while also offering ventilation for soccer balls.

If you’re looking for even more durable storage for road games, our duffels are a great option. Coaches and teachers can zip these nylon bags shut to securely store soccer balls and other game or practice supplies. Some also include wheels to make transportation even easier.

If you need to store a large assortment of soccer balls for PE class classes, practice, and pre-game warmups, check out our selection of carts. Teachers and coaches can quickly move them on smooth-rolling casters and wheels from storage to the field of play, indoors or out. Some carts also lock to prevent unauthorized use.