Baseball Gloves

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Shop for baseball gloves at Gopher Sport and get students ready to catch the ball!

Gopher supplies teachers and coaches with tough baseball mitts and gloves made to last during PE activities up to the highest level of competition.

Beautifully-crafted outfield baseball gloves come in left- and right-hand options to accommodate players. Made with materials ranging from all-synthetic, leather/synthetic, full-grain leather, and pigskin leather, players will find the best design and fit for their needs. Gopher carries an incredible selection of adult and youth baseball gloves.

PE teachers, coaches, and rec program organizers can teach fundamentals and game techniques with game packs that offer 30 gloves in multiple glove choices to best suit your players' needs. Shop for baseball gloves at Gopher!

Which glove is right for me?

Ages Sizes Use
5-6 10” to 10-1/2” Utility/Infield
7-8 10-1/2” to 11” Utility/Infield
9-12 11” to 11-1/2” Utility/Infield
12+ 11” to 13” Infield/Outfield
12+ 13-1/2” to 14” Outfield