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Shop for pedal desks from Gopher Sport to integrate activity into academic settings!

Desk cycles are a non-disruptive way to include activity breaks during sedentary learning. When students can expel extra energy in a non-disruptive manner, they can focus on the lesson rather than trying to sit still. Choose from pedal desks or under desk cycles to get started.

Pedal Desks are complete desk systems with built-in chairs and low-resistance pedals that rotate in a bicycle-like motion. Students silently pedal while participating in classroom activities, burning energy and increasing comprehension rather than bothering classmates with jittery behavior.

Under Desk Cycles are discreet pedal systems that fit under most desks and store easily when not in use. They are lightweight and easy to carry, so students and staff can transport them to any classroom, library, or other area of the school. Students pedal quietly beneath their standard school desks to jump-start their metabolisms, improve cognitive performance, and increase time on task. Then, they can easily share the equipment with peers.

Buy pedal desks from Gopher Sport to rev up your classroom activity!