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Shop for classroom fitness supplies at Gopher Sport!

Whether teaching about health or looking for a way to enrich your PE curriculum, Gopher has everything you need for Active Healthy Schools™ (AHS) programs! With a focus on physical fitness and exercise health, AHS manuals provide a road map for implementation and explains how to set up a playground the meets the needs of all students.

Materials are made with ultimate durability to withstand daily use. Classroom and playground activity cards are laminated for long-lasting use and provide variations of activities, complete with a list of equipment needed. Teachers and students can quickly flip through the cards and get moving!

When it comes to physical activity in the classroom, AHS playground packs come with everything needed to set up 16 playground zones. Create controlled activities, allowing over 100 students to participate in self-directed games.

Shop for gear at Gopher to keep your students active!