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Provide a one-size-fits-all solution in PE class when you buy adjustable jump ropes from Gopher Sport!

Spend less time searching for the perfect length rope and more time jumping during class with adjustable ropes. Students can grab these ropes and quickly adjust them to the length they need. All of our options adjust up to 9’L to accommodate users of most heights.

Teachers and coaches can modify AlterTurn adjustable speed ropes by simply moving non-slip connectors to accommodate multiple students. Durable, tapered handles on the PVC ropes give users a comfortable and secure grip.

Our retractable jump ropes offer users ultimate customization. Students simply place a foot on the weighted bead in the center of the rope and pull up on the handles. When jumping wraps up, simply retract the rope back into the handles for compact storage.

Find jump rope options from Gopher!