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Buy curl-up testers from Gopher Sport and quickly assess student performance during fitness tests!

Make assessing your students’ curl-ups easy and efficient using our curl-up testing equipment.

When you want to take guesswork out of testing, our curl-up testers are the easiest way to eliminate errors. These testers promote proper form and count reps each time the student taps a button. A digital screen clearly displays reps and time for accurate results.

Teachers can also make sure students stay fit using crunch strips and mats. Non-slip crunch strips grip the floor as students slide their fingers over them while sitting up. Best of all, these space-saving strips take up little room in a PE supply closet. Foam mats create a smooth, more comfortable surface for students during fitness tests. They include start and stop strips to cue students during movements. Teachers can even test an entire class at one time using our convenient pack!

Shop for curl-up testers from Gopher and increase efficiency during fitness tests!