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Shop for flag football packs from Gopher Sport and get all the equipment your PE class or recreation program needs!

These packs are a convenient, all-encompassing option that takes the guesswork out of planning flag football games. They contain everything teachers need to introduce the basics of the game to beginners, or let coaches organize a highly-competitive recreational game.

Packs are available in 3 skill levels, with footballs and flag belts varying in size for players of various ages. Our Junior Pack is ideal for younger players with junior size footballs and medium flag belts. As skills progress and players age, the Intermediate Pack is a superb option with youth size footballs and mix of medium and large belts. Players in high school or recreational leagues will benefit from the official size footballs and large belts in the Official option. Packs also include cones for marking borders and a duffel to easily transport the equipment.

Equip your team or class with all the flag football gear they need from Gopher!