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From portable to in-ground, buy badminton nets from Gopher Sport to suit class needs!

When it comes to choosing a reliable badminton net system, teachers and coaches will find what they need at Gopher. Our exclusive, portable badminton nets are easy to set up and easy to store. Steel frames keep them firmly in place during play, and collapse for compact storage. Other all-in-one badminton systems retracts into canisters or fold into an attached bag for a very convenient storage option. When space is limited in a PE closet, net bands are an excellent option because they take up minimal space.

If you want to use your existing standards, choose any of our entry- or club-level badminton nets. Club badminton nets use the thickest netting, widest tape, and a cable top for best net tension when used with in-floor standards. Recreation and class nets are lighter and perfect for use with portable net standards.

Shop for badminton nets at Gopher!