UltraNet Max Portable Net System

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Max-imum durability and convenience make this the best portable net system on the market!

From badminton to pickle ball, this net instantly conforms to your sporting needs without requiring tools! Break it out for heavy institutional use across all age groups, then break it down and for quick transportation and easy storage in a nylon bag.

Highly Versatile

The UltraNet Max Portable Net System is ideal for most net sports, thanks to its speedy conversion from high to low net levels. The official-size, 20'W net is wide enough to play pickle ball and tennis while the net is lowered, yet quickly supports badminton at a full 61"H. Carefully labeled pipes can easily be identified and removed without tools when the switch is made, eliminating the need for multiple nets or class relocation. The entire system weighs 51 lb.


This full-sized net can be and assembled just about anywhere with little effort! The frame pipes securely lock into place to prevent any hazards, and the net easily adjusts to the desired height with hook-and-loop fasteners. Within minutes, you're ready to play. Takedown is just as quick, with everything neatly fitting into a nylon bag that takes up a marginal amount of space in any closet.

Extremely Durable

Constructed with 1-1/2" square steel tubing that are powder coated for additional durability, this net will stand the test of time - and rowdy athletes. Nylon and hook-and-loop fastener adjustment straps keep nets taut and firm, preventing strain that can result in sagging.