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Shop for fitness jump ropes from Gopher Sport to get hearts racing during a dynamic cardio workout!

With several ropes available at Gopher, find the best fit for fitness goals set during PE classes and sports training. Long-lasting jump ropes are great for endurance training or during large group station work.

An assortment of ropes including speed ropes, segmented jump ropes, fitness ropes, fabric ropes, and adjustable ropes gives each athlete a unique challenge.

Which Jump Rope is Right for Me?

  • PVC: Durable, lightweight, and easy to turn at high speeds. Preferred by speed jumpers but suitable for all skill levels.
  • Segmented Plastic: High-durability plus enough weight to turn well at slower speeds. The sound made as it hits the floor helps jumpers maintain a regular, rhythmic pattern. Great for group jumping.
  • Braided Polyester: Very durable, non-kinking, and heavy enough to hold a good arc; slides easily on the floor. For all skill levels.
  • Polypropylene: Extremely durable, won’t twist, tangle, or fray, yet light enough for fast turning; knotted ends (instead of handles) increase safety. Ideal for beginners but suitable for all skill levels.
  • Cotton: Soft, lightweight, and pliable. For all skill levels.

Find the best jump ropes from Gopher Sport!