Volleyball Nets

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Buy high-quality volleyball nets from Gopher Sport for your school, team, or recreational program!

Whether you need an indoor or an outdoor volleyball net, you can count on Gopher to supply the nets your students or team need.

For competitive matches, you will find nets that meet collegiate and Olympic standards so students can play with the same nets as the professionals. We also have incredibly durable and high-quality portable volleyball nets that fit right into any school or rec club setting. In addition, our brightly-colored introductory nets add fun and increase visibility for younger players.

Which volleyball net is right for me?

  • Size: Competitive play at the high-school level requires a 32’ x 36” net, while collegiate play uses a 32’ x 39” net. For recreational play, any net size will suffice.
  • Rope vs. Cable Top: Rope is much lighter and should always be used with portable game standards when ratchet tensioning is not an option. For in-floor systems, steel cable tops respond optimally to ratchet tensioning.
  • Knotted vs. Knotless: Knotted nets feature greater strength and durability due to secure connection points. Knotless, or braided nets, provide a smoother surface and less friction for playing a ball off the net.
  • Side Dowels: Mostly found in competition nets, side dowels hold a rectangular net shape even at greater tension levels.

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