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Shop for a long-lasting tug-of-war rope at Gopher Sport!

You can count on Gopher to find the ideal tug-of-war ropes for your organization. It is a great activity to add to field day, gym class, and after school activities.

Traditionally, a single rope for tug-of-war is used for activities. Add variety with a four-way rope that allows more students to participate in less space. Ropes are available in several materials, lengths, and diameters, allowing teachers to choose the one that best suits the age and ability of their students. The longer the rope, the more students it will accommodate. Diameter also comes into play when selecting the best option for the size of your students’ hands.

Rope Materials

  • Manila: Natural fiber with great grip.
  • Un-Manila: Synthetic tug-of-war rope that’s stronger than Manila. Will not mildew. Roughed up surface for a good grip.
  • Polydacron: Spun polyester over a polyolefin core makes these ropes softer than others, but extremely heavy duty. Long-lasting and resistant to moisture and UV rays.
  • Cotton: Soft cotton blend is gentle on the hands, while still strong.
  • Polyester: Water-resistant polyester webbing withstands the toughest use.

Rope Lengths

  • 50’L
  • 75’L
  • 100’L

Rope Diameters

  • 3/4" dia
  • 1” dia
  • 1-1/2” dia
  • 2” dia