Sof' Tug Cotton Tug-of-War Ropes

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Our softest tug-of-war ropes!

Lightweight cotton lends a huge advantage to younger students just learning the strategies of tug-of-war. Even our 100’L option is only 18 lb, giving students a non-intimidating rope that quickly acclimates them to pulling, bracing, and anchoring. Machine woven cotton provides a comfortable hold that’s both safe and reliable. These 1" dia ropes are great for smaller hands and accommodating a strong grip.

Resilient, machine-knotted ends are tougher than hand-tied knots, increasing the longevity of these beginner tug of war ropes. Because knots stay firmly in place, there’s no need to worry about the rope fraying or unravelling. Because cotton fibers are soft and gentle, this rope is also safer than comparable manila or un-manila ropes.

Each rope includes a convenient, easy-to-see halfway marker for clear scoring and easy setup. Teachers can quickly identify the halfway point on any rope to make sure both teams get the appropriate starting length.

Cotton Rope Options

  • 50’L, 12 lb
  • 75’L, 14 lb
  • 100’L, 18 lb
  • Four-Way, 17 lb