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Buy fitness packs from Gopher Sport and increase efficiency while assessing your students’ abilities!

Our exclusive fitness testing packs allow teachers and coaches to accurately evaluate student and player capabilities. Easily set up the equipment for use during PE classes or during practice to test large groups of students. From starter packs to testing packs for large groups, you can buy the equipment that is best for your class or team needs.

An all-in-one pack allows teachers to use essential testing equipment while quickly gathering accurate data. From push-up and curl-up testers to detailed instruction and clipboards, this pack includes all the premium equipment you need to assess the entire PE class. It also includes a cart to conveniently transport and store supplies.

If you’re looking for a simple pack with just the necessities, check out our starter testing pack. The essential equipment in this pack lets teachers and coaches set up testing stations quickly, allowing more time for instruction.

Implement testing with a pack that allows students to access and record data independently on clipboards. Compact and bright cones hold testing cards for easy viewing of written and picture instruction.