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Buy exercise bikes from Gopher Sport and boost full-body strengthening in institutional settings!

From beginners to advanced cyclists, students of any age will benefit from engaging cardio workout on exercise bikes. Students can hop on a bike before PE for an engaging warmup activity, or athletes can use an exercise bike to keep muscles engaged while on the sidelines during a game.

Why should I incorporate indoor cycling into my class?

Indoor cycling builds muscle endurance and functional power in the legs, hips, and lower back in any climate! Created by professional cyclists for training in adverse weather, this popular exercise is a health club and institutional staple for many reasons.

Accommodates all users

  • The low-impact motion and adjustable resistance levels on the fly-wheel are perfect for any age, size, and fitness level.
  • The added simplicity of one sitting and standing motion makes this more inclusive to all coordination levels.

Maximizes Training

  • Almost every sport and strength training program requires cardiovascular exercise to achieve peak performance.
  • Improve and maximize results by incorporating indoor cycling into existing regimens, circuit training stations, or alternate sports drills with short intervals on a bike.

Encourages Individual Efforts

  • It’s a great non-competitive activity that focuses on individual efforts.
  • Students can focus on setting and reaching personal goals verses beating other students.
  • Indoor cycling has also proven to be an integral component in fighting obesity and in physical therapy/rehabilitation programs.

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