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Shop for swimming games from Gopher Sport for PE classes and recreational programs!

Splash and learn with poolside games and activities. Gopher offers a variety of games for students of all ages.

Provide students with the equipment they need to step up their basketball or volleyball game while training in the pool. The water adds a new level of resistance to build muscle and endurance, while also being easy on the joints. At Gopher, PE teachers and coaches can find a portable, floating basketball system or one that’s suspended from the sides of the pool. Another system lets students practice serves, bumps, and set at a volleyball net over the water.

Dive and explore breathing techniques when reaching for colorful sticks and rings in a diving pack, encouraging participation for up to 42 swimmers. Students can also float on a tube or use it as a target with water balls shaped as footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs.

Add poolside games and activities from Gopher to your PE class or recreation center!