SplashShot Water Basketball Set

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A floating basketball game that tests your jump shot in the water!

Floating noodles in the goal base keep this pool basketball set afloat on the water, eliminating the need for installation along the side of a pool. A lightweight, steel wire frame ensures the goal maintains its shape.

Floating Basketball Fun

Instead of mounting a basketball system to the side of the pool, this hoop floats on the water! Floating noodles support the base and add a fun challenge to the game because the hoop will move freely around the pool. The SoftPlay basketball that comes with the set also floats in the water.

Easy to Transport and Store

This floating basketball set folds down for flat and easy transportation and storage. All you need to do is detach one side of the 15-1/2" dia rim from the hook-and-loop fastener straps attached around the rim, then collapse the frame in seconds so it lies flat! The set only weighs only 2 lb, making it extremely easy to carry the system from storage to the pool and back.

Strong, Lightweight Construction

Featuring a lightweight, flexible fiberglass construction, the system will maintain its shape after many games of play. The frame and base are encased in a durable waterproof polyester to ensure the goal stands up in a pool environment. Goal measures 30"W x 30"L x 32-1/2"H; 2 lb.