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Let music and instruction be heard clearly during PE with your purchase of stereos and speakers from Gopher Sport!

Ensure students and players hear every word and note from across the gym or playing field with loud, portable sound systems. Set up these stereos and speakers wherever they are needed to provide clear audio.

When a teacher or coach needs an easy-to-use option with the basics, our CD and cassette player is a terrific addition to class or practice. If you find an amazing app and want to incorporate its instruction into class or practice, pair up your mobile device with one of our Bluetooth Smart portable speakers. These rechargeable speakers provide crystal-clear audio that’s easily heard by all students and players.

If you need an option that includes all audio playback formats—from CD and cassette to Bluetooth and USB import—our larger systems are an all-compassing solution. Use one, two, or three powerful speakers to project audio to the entire class.

Shop for powerful stereos and portable speakers from Gopher!