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Sport Ball Packs

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From PE classes to recess, buy outstanding sports packs for schools and recreation centers from Gopher Sport!

If you want to teach soccer skills one day and basketball the next, our sports ball sets ensure you have all of the balls needed for your PE students. Choose from introductory rubber balls sets for beginners and competition-quality balls for older students.

If you’re looking for friendly, forgiving sports balls for beginners or younger students, check out Gopher’s rubber ball packs. The packs are available in varied sizes, so PE teachers can buy the correct size balls for their students. Rainbow-colored options are great for separating groups or creating station work.

Our professional-caliber sports balls are NFHS approved, allowing students and athletes to use high-quality balls during PE class, practice, and games.

All sports ball packs include storage bags to transport and protect equipment. Buy sports ball packs from Gopher to increase interest and skills in your students.