Gopher Competition Sport Ball Pack

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Our highest-quality sport ball pack features game balls for basketball, soccer, volleyball, and football.

Durable sport ball pack includes 24 of our best composite, official-size game balls for basketball, soccer, football, and volleyball allow students to practice with a true-to-game feel or use in competition.

Durable, Competition Quality

Ideal for junior high and high school students with advanced skills, these balls are top-quality and durable for lasting use. Each ball has a NFHS authenticating mark, signifying they're approved for regulated matches and will last during competitive play. Included 4 VersaBag™ storage bags are constructed of exclusive, durable mesh to store and transport balls.

Pack includes:

  • Gopher Comp 1000™ Footballs, Set of 6
  • Gopher Comp 1000 Plus™ Volleyballs, Set of 6
  • Gopher Victory 1000™ Soccer Balls, Set of 6
  • Gopher Comp 1000™ Basketballs, Set of 6
  • VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bags, 4 Ea