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Easily test the speed and agility of an entire class when you buy SAQ sets from Gopher Sport!

Our all-encompassing packs let teachers and coaches efficiently assess the overall quickness of students and athletes. Measuring and evaluating speed and agility shows users where they can improve their athletic ability to achieve peak performance.

Our speed, agility, and quickness packs provide PE classes and teams with all the equipment needed to teach users how to maximize their speed. Our most cost-efficient pack includes basic tools and instruction to practice the correct technique. The pro pack takes it to the next level with more equipment to diversify training.

If you’re looking to develop a diverse range of agility circuits, our Smart-Cart System is an excellent full-class solution. It contains enough equipment to test the speed and strength of up to 60 users!

We also have equipment to set up speed circuits exclusively indoors. Test your students’ agility, reaction, foot speed, and more with a one-of-a-kind circuit and easy-to-follow instruction.