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Purchase climbing accessories from Gopher Sport to increase student excitement on traversing walls!

Enhance coordination, control, and quickness as students scale climbing walls with new holds and obstacles.

Create a new take on target games while traversing walls during PE classes with our custom packs. Students can throw balls at nets to improve aiming skills, while also learning how to maneuver around obstacles to develop balance. Introducing new challenges on walls encourages critical thinking and active play during, before, or after school in students of any age. We also have several holds to bring your wall to the next level.

Enhance student safety while traversing walls with a mat system. These compact mats protect students from injury as they climb. When class ends, teachers can use these same mats to cover the walls. Simply lock them into place to prevent unauthorized use between classes.

Provide students with new, exciting traversing possibilities when you buy climbing wall accessories from Gopher!