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ULTRAVERSE HangTime Toss Activity Pack

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Hang tight and take your tossing skills and teamwork to new heights!

Unique activity set includes over 150 pieces of equipment to engage an entire class in games and activities that develop balance, strength, hand/eye coordination, and many other skills involved in traverse climbing. Equipment is color-coordinated in vibrant Rainbow colors for easy organization and enhanced visual feedback.

Create Exciting Traversing Activities

With over 150 pieces of equipment, it's easy to coordinate different climbing exercises that keep students entertained and engaged. The primary goal of incorporating this gear is to help students develop balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and other skills involved in traverse climbing. Students can climb by themselves or work together in teams to develop communication and team work!

All equipment comes in vibrant Rainbow colors and makes organizing activities easy. Teachers can assign students a color or assign point values to each color. Activity guide features dozens of easy-to-implement games and activities. Traverse wall and safety mat not included.

Pack includes:

  • Nylon Beanbags, 6" sq, 24 ea
  • Playground Balls, 6" dia, 18 ea
  • Toss-N-Chip Target Nets, 26" dia, 6 ea
  • Vinyl Spots, 5" dia, 18 ea
  • HoopHolder Holds, Set of 6
  • DuraHoops, 36" dia, Set of 12
  • Pinnies, Set 24 (18 ea Medium, 6 ea Large)
  • ULTRAVERSE Climbing Game Activity Guide, 1 ea