Floor Hockey Equipment Packs

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Shop for floor hockey packs from Gopher Sport and get everything you need to start a game quickly!

Ensure you have all of the sticks, pucks, and goals your PE class needs with our convenient hockey packs. We took care of the planning and included the equipment your players need to play.

Smaller, introductory packs include sticks and balls or pucks appropriate for beginners. One set includes sticks with a soft, foam head that are safe for students just learning the game. Teachers can then introduce durable, one-piece plastic sticks that have a larger head to work on controlling shots.

As skills continue to progress during PE classes or recreational programs, Gopher’s PowerPlay Packs include the durable equipment that more advanced players want. With sticks available in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and ABS, teachers and coaches will find the pack that works best for their students. These packs also include pucks, goals, and bags for convenient storage.

If you’re looking to add new excitement about floor hockey to PE classes, our QuadraGoal Packs are your answer! The unique 360° goal teaches players about strategy, teamwork, aiming, and blocking from any angle.

Purchase floor hockey equipment packs from Gopher!