Heart Rate Monitors with Chest Strap

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Buy strapped heart rate monitors for PE class or gym use from Gopher Sport!

Track your students’ heart rates with EKG-accuracy using heart rate monitors with chest straps during PE classes. Heart rate monitors are a superb addition to PE or when training for sports because they show users how to identify the correct intensity during activities.

An all-encompassing pack lets teachers monitor an entire class, or a coach analyze a team, in real time. Every student or player wears a chest strap and a monitor that syncs directly to a tablet. Teachers and coaches can then review data right away to see exertion levels.

You can also pair a chest strap with a wrist-worn watch. The monitor displays heart rate right on the wrist so the student or player can track heart rate while exercising. Data also syncs to supported devices for more in-depth analysis.

Purchase strapped heart rate monitors from Gopher!