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Teach-nique Pulse Conversion Banner

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These highly-visible banners are the easiest way to teach students to measure their pulse!

Quickly provide students with step-by-step information on how to take a 10-second reading of their pulse at the wrist and neck! This large banner features an easy-to-read conversion chart with beats-per-minute calculations. Place this large 5'W x 3'H banner anywhere in your gym, and it instantly becomes an easy point of reference for students during workouts and activities!

Quick Pulse Readings

This chart helps students quickly and properly find their pulse and calculate how hard they are working during class. This helps them make appropriate adjustments to their exertion level. The bottom of the banner provides 2 examples of how to find your pulse, with simple instructions and corresponding images. The information is easy to follow, making this a great tool for large classes and students of all ages.

Color-coded chart makes it easy to determine exertion levels. Blue is the lowest level of exertion, followed in order by purple, green, yellow, and red. Simply monitor your pulse for 10 seconds, then look at the chart to convert it to beats per minute.

Large, Heavy-Duty Banner

This huge 5'W x 3'H banner serves as an easy point of reference that teachers can place anywhere in the gym and students can easily see. Durable vinyl banner is rip- and fray-resistant. Banners includes metal grommets, allowing for easy display on a wall and take down in mere seconds.