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From PE classes to recreational leagues, buy outstanding floor hockey safety equipment from Gopher Sport!

Teachers and coaches will be able to develop a safety-based floor hockey experience for students and athletes using our assortment of equipment, including floor hockey goalie pads, helmets, and protective eyewear.

From blocker and catch gloves that protect hands to goalie pads that keep the entire body safe, Gopher has it all! Our complete goalie sets include everything players need to stay safe at the net. Coaches can also buy individual pieces to replace or upgrade current equipment.

Provide players with face protection using an assortment of helmet style options. We offer helmets with or without masks, depending on player or coach preference. If PE teachers are looking for a option that also works well in other sports, our multisport helmets are a great choice. Add in protective eyewear for extra safety from flying pucks or balls.

Protect students and players during floor hockey games with safety equipment from Gopher!