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Buy exercise mats from Gopher Sport to enhance comfort and safety during workouts!

Workout mats from Gopher provide students and athletes with a padded foundation during fitness moves. Try new poses or routines with the assurance that the mat’s grippy surface will prevent it from slipping on the floor.

Mats are available in several thicknesses, allowing teachers and coaches to choose the best option for the needs of their students and players. Gopher's mats are available in various materials, ensuring users have the best option for their workout.

  • Closed-cell foam. Holds up to vigorous workouts. Includes Exerfit, UltraFit, and EcoFit.
  • Vinyl-covered mats. Features a vinyl cover over foam. Maximum toughness and includes handles for easy transportation. Includes MaxFit, FlipSide, and GripFit.
  • Latex-free. Safe for all users thanks to its hypoallergenic construction. Includes EcoFit.

Shop for dependable fitness mats from Gopher!