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Introduce stick and ball handling skills with your purchase of broomball sticks from Gopher Sport!

From soft, introductory sticks to those ready for more advanced play, you will find the best option for your class or recreational program here at Gopher.

For beginners or younger players, sticks with a polyurethane foam head offer a non-intimidating design while learning the basics of broomball. Durable rubber heads give more advanced players the durability and playability they want.

All sticks are available in convenient packs of 12 or 24, enough for the entire class! Most are also available individually to increase the number of sticks to suit the number of students in your class.

Shop for outstanding broomball brooms from Gopher!

Which broomball stick is right for me?

Stick Shafts

  • Plastic: Safer and lightweight. For beginners.
  • Wood: Least expensive but heavier. For intermediate players.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight for easier ball handling and harder shots. Octagonal shape. For advanced players.

Broom Heads

  • Coated-Foam Polyurethane: Soft or firm, flexible foam shell with spongy core for safety. Great for beginners.
  • Rubber: Rubber heads “grab” the ball, allowing more shooting/passing control. For intermediate to advanced players.