UltraSoft Jr. Broomball Sets

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Our safest introductory set with durable, oversized head and textured handle for greater success!

These beginning sticks feature an oversized, durable, coated-foam head that is soft and safe for new players. Teachers can help beginners learn the basics of broomball with friendly, non-intimidating equipment.

Introductory Sticks

Perfect for beginners, these broomball sticks feature an oversized head (8”W at the widest point) with a larger face surface for students who are learning basic skills. This allows students to strike with more force when shooting and passing. The soft, coated foam head is flexible enough to be squeezed and twisted, but will instantly flex right back to its true shape.

The rounded, 1” dia shaft is easy to grasp for a stronger, more secure grip. The top part of the shaft has a 4” long textured grip endcap, which provides additional control. At just 36”L, it is more than 10 inches shorter than official-sized broomball sticks. The head is twice as wide.

UltraSoft Jr. Broomballs are available in a set or pack.

Pack Options

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 ea Red, Blue) and 2 foam balls.
  • ClassPlus 24-Player Pack. Includes 24 sticks (12 ea Red, Blue), 4 foam balls, and 1 storage bag.