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Shop for ride-ons and trikes from Gopher Sport to increase movement during PE class and recess!

Encourage motor skill development using a variety of bikes and trikes during physical education lessons and after-school programs.

The assorted sizes and designs of our tricycles accommodate students of any age, from elementary to high school. All are safe and sturdy for a smooth ride on most surfaces. Teachers can use trikes to teach students about peddling basics and momentum. As skills progress, you can incorporate trikes into obstacle courses at any age level. Larger trikes also serve as a beneficial physical therapy tool for students recovering from injuries because of the minimal impact.

If a teacher wants to focus primarily on steering, bikes and ride-ons without peddles are a great option. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to steer and build muscle while balancing before also incorporating peddling.

Buy quality trike and rideons at Gopher!