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Find durable track and field equipment packs from Gopher Sport for athletes of all ages!

Whether teaching fundamental track skills or competing in events, our long-lasting equipment packs are ready for use during PE classes and track practice.

Brightly colored introductory packs are designed for beginners using inviting colors and safe designs. Easy to throw shot puts and discuses enhance hand-eye coordination, as foam relay batons encourage teamwork among students. PE teachers can easily transport equipment with a rugged all-terrain equipment wagon that wheels from the storage shed to the track.

Coaches can enhance training and practices using a durable system that trains up to 60 athletes. Quickly set up exercises, drills, and circuits with an easily accessible cart for storing and transporting equipment. Coaches can also increase athletes’ speed and agility with materials that are great for PE or team use.

Gain speed and poise with track and field equipment packs from Gopher!