ClassPlus Introductory Track and Field Pack

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All of the essential items you need for a track & field day in one convenient, portable package!

This entire track and field pack is designed for beginners, making it perfect for use in an elementary setting, indoors or out. Everything in the pack stores easily inside an included heavy-duty wagon with rugged wheels for easy transportation. Wagon color may vary.

Each pack includes all the essential products needed to create many different stations for an introductory track and field unit. All products are beginner-friendly and high-quality, which makes them extremely safe and durable as students learn the fundamentals of each event.

Pack Includes:

  • Rainbow Hurdles (12"), Set of 12
  • EZ Throw Shot Puts (3-1/2" dia), 6 Ea
  • EZ Throw Discuses (5-1/2" dia), 6 Ea
  • Rainbow Foam Relay Batons, 6 Ea
  • Turbojav Beginner (27"), 3 Ea
  • AssessPro Stay-N-Jump Mat, 1 Ea
  • All-Terrain Equipment Wagon, 1 Ea
  • Coaching Youth Track and Field book, 1 Ea