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Whether in the gym or on an outdoor sports field, follow the game with your purchase of portable scoreboards from Gopher Sport!

Keep track of pivotal points anywhere with scoreboards that are easy to bring with you. From standard flip scoreboards to digital options, these scoreboards are a great addition to PE classes, team sports, and recreational programs.

If a teacher or coach is looking for a compact option, check out our tabletop scoreboards. Our flip scoreboards are easy to use by instructors or students. With numbers 00-99 available, you can use these scorekeeping tools for several sports. Our more advanced, electronic tabletop scoreboards offer increased functionality with the addition of a game clock.

When a school or recreation center needs a larger scoreboard with higher visibility, while still maintaining portability, Gopher has your solution! A 4’L scoreboard with large numbers lets students and players easily track the game. The scoreboard is mounted to a frame on wheels for easy transportation across the gym or sports field.

Buy portable scoreboards at Gopher!