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Combine durability and organization when purchasing sport pinnies from Gopher Sport!

Whether you need them for practice or games, Gopher’s pinnies are ready to keep teams organized. Students and players will be able to quickly identify their teammates and opponents with a glance at the brightly-colored designs.

Durable nylon construction makes these adult and youth mesh pinnies ready for any PE activity or recreational game. Elastic side bands make changing a snap during capture the flag or soccer. Waist and cross-body options are easy to put on quickly to start activities even faster.

Numbered pinnies are a great option for practice and scrimmages. Looking to squeeze in practice after dark? We have pinnies with X’s and O’s that glow in the dark for all to see during activities.

Why should I use pinnies to organize activities?

They are a simple, affordable option with more upgraded features vs. other pinnies!

  • Loose-fitting bottoms and sides allow free movement.
  • Extremely easy to put on and take off with no armholes to maneuver.
  • Open sides feature elastic side bands to fit most users.
  • More affordable.

Use the table below to help determine which sizes of pinnies are right for you:

Sizes Age Groups
Medium Elementary students
Large Middle school and high school students
Extra-Large Larger students and adults

Shop for scrimmage pinnies from Gopher and make them a staple for you PE classes and team organization.