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Shop for durable recreational ping pong paddles from Gopher Sport!

Whether teaching basic ping pong skills or playing in a tournament, our long-lasting table tennis paddles are ready for fast-paced action!

In need of table tennis paddles for a competition? Gopher’s options of rubber and sponge-face rubber surfaces make for control and precision. Ergonomic wooden handles teach proper grip, allowing students to focus on form and satisfaction. Pips-in faces slow down incoming balls without sacrificing quality. Pips-out faces improve overall longevity.

If you’re looking for paddles geared toward younger students in PE classes, check out our Rainbow options. The bright colors are easy to track and make it simple to quickly set up matches. These paddles feature a molded plastic design for increased longevity.

Find hard-wearing table tennis paddles your students will enjoy right here at Gopher!