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Shop Gopher Sport’s collection of storage sheds and cabinets to keep your teaching and coaching supplies organized!

When closet space is limited, our storage cabinets and sheds give PE teachers and coaches the extra space they need to securely store equipment.

Compact sheds provide ample storage with deep shelves, ready to organize large and small items. They work great as extra storage space within a gymnasium during PE classes, or outside by a ballfield to organize sports supplies.

Locking, steel cabinets give coaches and PE teachers a secure space to house important equipment like tablets and pedometers indoors. They also prevent students or players from accessing equipment without authorization. If you’re looking for an all-weather option to store playground equipment, check out our durable resin storage box

Open-front cabinets let teachers and coaches quickly glance at contents without opening the doors. The design also offers ventilation, allowing air to flow through it and preventing equipment from getting stale.

Shop for storage sheds and cabinets from Gopher for ultimate gym, rec room, and playground organization!