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Purchase the field hockey supplies your students and players need at Gopher Sport!

A game that has been played for over 4,000 years, field hockey remains an active and team building mainstay during PE classes. Our youth field hockey equipment offers students a durable and safe introduction to the sport. This low-contact sport boasts non-stop action and teaches teamwork and strategy.

The beginner field hockey set features non-intimidating, foam covered sticks that are safe and stand up to institutional use. For more advanced players, the sticks offer superb handling and power capabilities, as well as being lightweight and durable for optimal performance. We also supply schools with field hockey goals, balls, and safety equipment.

Why play field hockey in PE?

  • Teaches Strategy: Students learn important attacking (possessing, scoring, supporting) and defending (blocking, intercepting, applying pressure) skills.
  • Nonstop Action: Field hockey has a much larger playing area, ensuring players will get a great cardio workout and keep their heart rates up.
  • Low-Contact Sport: Physical contact among players is discouraged in field hockey and will result in a penalty.
  • It’s Fun: Students at any skill-level will enjoy learning to dribble, pass, and shoot in this high-paced game that keeps everyone active.

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