DOM Field Hockey Set

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All-foam blade makes this the softest, safest field hockey stick we offer!

Keep students safe and reduce intimidation using the best field hockey sticks for beginners. These safe, durable sticks accommodate younger players, helping them focus on the fundamentals without worrying about heavy sticks or hard balls. Two colors make team identification easy!

Non-Intimidating, Safe Design

Low-density polyurethane foam heads are safe and will not sting like plastic heads. The foam heads also reduce the velocity when hitting the ball, leading to overall slower flight. Foam is puncture-resistant, cushioning upon impact, and non-marring, making it a perfectly durable solution to indoor play on gym floors.

Polyethylene shaft is flexible, yet strong enough to not bend, break, or warp. Internal twin I-beam ribs reinforce the shaft and offer additional flexibility. The oval-shaped, 36"L shaft is easy to control and leads to more accurate hitting. Yellow and orange sticks are highly visible, making it easy to identify teams. The bright orange no-bounce vinyl balls are easy to see on any surface.

12-Player Set includes 12 sticks and 6 balls. Sticks and balls also sold separately.