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Enhance core training with your purchase of BOSU balance trainers from Gopher Sport!

Encourage balance and strength training in your PE classroom or recreational facility using an assortment of BOSU balls.

These balance trainers have thick and long-lasting bladders that engage core muscles through instability. Nonskid rubber bottoms keep the trainers safely in place while in use. A tactile honeycomb grip on the BOSU balance ball gives users additional stability during workouts.

Are you looking for an option to guide an entire class or team through BOSU workouts at the same time? Class packs are available in 3 size options and provide enough equipment for up to 24 students. These packs also include instructional DVDs, laminated charts, and easy access storage.

What is Core Training? 

Core training consists of conditioning the network of muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. These muscles control movement, transfer energy, shift body weight, and move in any direction.

A Strong Core Provides:

  • A stable starting point for almost all athletic movements.
  • An improvement in the body’s ability to balance and move through space.
  • A firm foundation to prevent injuries.
  • Improved balance and posture.

Promote stability and strength in your class with BOSU trainers from Gopher!