BOSU Elite Balance Trainer

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The strongest, most stable BOSU Trainer is a great addition to your fitness and balance training routine!

The thickest and firmest BOSU ball bladder features a high-performance dome made to withstand high-impact movements and weighted exercise. The BOSU Elite will help you increase strength, develop explosive power, nd prime your body for intensified training.

Resistance Training

You don't fight for balance on the BOSU Elite—you fight the BOSU Elite. A entirely different concept than balance training on a standard BOSU trainer, the new high-pressure, high-densiity dome on the Elite is the ideal environment for compression training. No matter how hard you compress it, it pushes back harder. Compressing the dome creates a powerful elastic resistance, exciting untapped muscle fibers and yielding amazing strength and speed benefits. It amplifies everything you do on the BOSU Elite, priming you for heavier sets and intensified training sessions.

Elite Construction

The BOSU Elite is all about the new dome. A new power line guides proper body positioning and a honeycomb-textured power zone aligns the pelvis and spine for better positioning in movements. A reinforced rubber base features full nonskid and non-marking properties for stability and durability. This is the best, toughest, heaviest, and most durable balance trainer we offer.

Trainer supports up to 400 lb and is 26" dia x 9"H; 20 lb. Includes inflation pump.