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Buy balance discs and boards from Gopher Sport to encourage stability and strength in students!

Give students and athletes access the durable and compact equipment they need for a superb balance challenge. Balance discs and boards improve and challenge coordination, while also improving core strength.

When teachers need universal equipment that can be altered to fit the needs for any students of any age, balance discs are a great option. Inflate them to create more instability and a greater challenge for older students, or deflate them to create more stability for beginners.

If your students are looking to continue exploring body movement, balance boards offer a great solution. Students of any age can pivot a full 360° by twisting at the waist and keeping their feet firmly planted on the board. The constant wobbling continuously engages muscles in the core and legs, ultimately aiding in a full-body workout.

Informational balance charts and boards let teachers encourage and teach proper form during PE classes. They feature informational written and visual instructions that clearly show the start and stop positions of each exercise.

Find balance with superb discs and boards from Gopher!