UltraFit Core Balance Discs

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Institutional-quality balance discs, with superior support and traction.

These large balance discs are designed with traction spikes and ultra-thick PVC to deliver the safest training experience.

Safe Design

We designed these balance discs with ample safety features so instructors can focus on teachingRaised texture on both side of the discs provides traction and prevents users from slipping. Thick, durable PVC construction enables this disc to withstand frequent use by many users.

It is extremely easy to train with these discs—simply inflate the disc your desired firmness and begin training! Adjusting the difficulty is easy too. Just add or remove air to customize the stability of the disc.

Outstanding Versatility

Choose from one of two available sizes for this disc. The 13" diameter is great for younger students or single-leg exercises, while the 24" option is ideal for older students and two-foot drills. The 24” disc features a slightly more aggressive texture on one side for added grip, and can be flipped for a smoother surface for abdominal exercises.

The usefulness of these discs goes far beyond the gym and into the classroom. Sitting on a balance disc in class provides a slightly unstable chair, allowing students to stimulate their core and brain simultaneously. This helps them fidget less and concentrate more for greater success in the classroom.