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Stretch your body and your budget shopping for top-notch yoga supplies from Gopher Sport!

Gopher's yoga and stretching mats vary in thicknesses, some of which also come with instructions for technique. Yoga blocks support stability in a student’s practice, helping them reach new positions and lengths. If you need a solution with a enough gear for the entire class, check out a yoga equipment set packed with mats, instruction, and storage. After a workout ends, students can use rollers to massage the back and other areas to prevent injury and release tension.

Why should I incorporate yoga into my fitness program?

By using a combination of exercise and breathing techniques, yoga provides a total-body workout that has both physical and mental benefits. In most yoga classes, the focus is on physical poses (called asanas) that can be done quickly to increase heart rate and develop strength, or more slowly to increase stamina, improve balance, and promote flexibility.

There are two main components of yoga:

  • Exercise: Engages your core muscles and provides an excellent total-body workout. Enhances balance, flexibility, posture, coordination, strength, and endurance.
  • Breathing/Reflection: Improves focus and concentration and teaches stress management skills. Whether incorporating yoga into a PE class or an after-school program, the benefits of yoga extend beyond the classroom as students relate breath control and relaxation techniques to other everyday situations. Applying these techniques can help students’ concentration and focus in the classroom or in their daily lives, such as remaining calm in an argument or preparing for an exam.

Shop for yoga equipment at Gopher and help students develop lifelong wellness.