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EcoFit Yoga Mat

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Our best yoga mats feature an extra-soft feel and a hypoallergenic material that's easy on your skin!

Yoga is an excellent total-body workout that develops strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility. Unfortunately for some, it also develops hives, rashes, and general discomfort from chemicals in yoga mat material. Our EcoFit mats give your students the comfort and support they need to learn yoga the right way.

Our Best Yoga Mats

Latex-, PVC-, and chloride-free material is safe for all users and eliminates irritation from nasty chemicals used in other mats. Superb grip allows for Crow-like stability while the dual-textured surface adds superb traction for fast-paced sessions. A slip-resistant, ribbed bottom is made with tacky, textured material that won’t slip out from under users. These mats are also great for basic stretching, Pilates, or plyometrics.

In addition to being supremely comfortable on the floor, the mat is also extremely easy to wipe down after each use. 72"L x 24"W x 7 mm thick.


  • The practice of yoga engages core muscles to provide an excellent total body work out and enhance balance, flexibility, posture, coordination, and strength.
  • By using a combination of exercise and breathing techniques, yoga provides a total body workout that has both physical and mental benefits. In most yoga classes, the focus on the physical poses (called asanas) can be done quickly to increase heart rate and develop strength, or more slowly to increase stamina, improve balance, and promote flexibility.